Garage Organization Day Tips – Family Fun!

Read an article in the Chicago Tribune for more garage organization and self storage in Jamaica, Queens tips.

Fun – Cleaning and Organizing?!? You bet! Make a day out if it and involve the whole family. You’ll have fun, and you’ll be surprised at just what you will find out there. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Set a date for a garage sale – if you put it in the classifieds, then you’ll be sure to follow through on the project.
  • Be sure to decide what storage systems will help, such as overhead storage racks from our  Garage Storage Systems. By purchasing these items in advance, you will carry the project through to the finish line. Click here to Buy Now!
  • Get some supplies – plastic storage bins, wire baskets, permanent markers for labeling, and lots of garbage bags.
  • Sort seasonal items so that skis are handy in winter and the rake is within reach for fall. Off Garage Storage Systems make it easy to sort seasonal items without having to constantly move everything around.
  • Put a big garbage can in the middle of the space so everyone can reach the “circular file.”
  • Involve the kids and the family – make up a game with prizes – see who can find the oldest item, the dirtiest and dustiest throwaway, see who can sweep up the biggest pile of dirt. Many hands make light work! Helping with the cleaning means that the kids will help to keep the garage organized in the future.
  • Be sure to take a fun lunch break – order the kids’ favorite pizza.
  • Give the floor a good sweeping and even plan on spending some time with an oil-cleaner to get up those ugly stains.
  • Finally park that car back inside the garage where it belongs – underneath your new Garage Storage System overhead storage racks.